Your Bliss Point and Other Odds & Ends!

It’s been awhile since the Breakfast Club gathered for a hearty early morning gobble, but we finally managed to get the founding fathers together for a rump session to chop-up some eats and throw-down on solving the world’s problems.  Early this morning The Ju, Mr. X and me starred down the most pressing issues facing the world!  Needless to say there were a number of topics and accompanying solutions that poured out along with my tall glass of freshly brewed “bulletproof” coffee.

For example, what’s up with all the hubbub about same sex marriage? Mr. X’s solution: Get the government (federal, state and local) out of the marriage business altogether (unless you’re trying to “marry” your favorite pet).  “People” should be allowed to create their own private contracts and let it fly!

Why are most of the so-called “red” states going bonkers and passing these wacky anti-abortion laws and amending their state’s constitutions to prohibit abortions or create “personhood” statutes, despite the prevailing Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade? Our unanimous conclusion: These “red” state legislatures are now controlled by a fringe of far right-wing nut-extremist-social conservative-dogmatic-religious zealots!  It won’t last!

Did the baseball season start? Yes! The unanimous conclusion: It’s too early and too cold!

MLB Logo

Is baseball boring? My conclusion: Baseball is only boring if you don’t know shit about the thousands of nuances of the game.

Why are we all getting so fucking fat? Unanimous conclusion: We consume too Cheetosmuch salt, sugar and fat! Add to this fact, the food manufacturers have figured out your “bliss point”. The food giants spend millions on research to discover and use of the “point” that’s found in the formulation of food products using food optimization. The bliss point is the amount of an ingredient such as salt, sugar, or fat which optimizes palatability.  What’s your bliss point? Well you have one for salt, sugar and fat and all combinations thereof.  And the food people know it!

To find your “bliss point” we recommend reading:

Salt Sugar Fat

 MCT OilHow awesome is MCT Oil? My conclusion: (after The Ju and Mr. X rushed out to buy a bottle after my rant) — It’s the next best thing for supplementing a healthy lifestyle since Popeye went haywire on spinach! Don’t believe me? Check it out: MCT OIL

Did I maintain a raw vegan diet while on my trip to Delhi? Answer: Absolutely not!  I tried it for a few days and realized it was a sure fire way to get “Delhi Belly” (the shits).  From the third day on my food was cooked, baby!

T-nation logo

 Mr. X informed us that he’s taking on a new workout challenge called the “Mantathlon”  What’s that?  Visit: to get the detailed rules, but essentially the challenge is as follows.

There are five events performed:Mantathlon Image

  • Bodyweight Bench Press for Reps
  • Bodyweight Chin-ups for Reps
  • Half-Bodyweight Overhead Press for Reps
  • 1.25 Bodyweight Dips for Reps
  • Half-Bodyweight Barbell Curl for Reps

You get one attempt for maximal reps during the competition.

Stop Watch:

Once you start your bench press test the clock begins. You have 20 minutes to complete all the tests. Any repetitions completed after 20 minutes have elapsed won’t count toward your point total.

You must perform the tests in order, but the rest you take between tests is up to you. It’s suggested that you take 3-4 minutes between each test, but keep an eye on the clock so you don’t run out of time for the curls.

So what kind of man are you?

Below is a rating scale:


Note: If you’re a woman, it’s preferable (my opinion) that you score in the 0-20 fitness and figure range!

Stay tuned. Our results will be reported in the next post.  In the meantime, enjoy your breakfast!

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